Arthur – 2007
This is the story of an immortal god who is completely unaware that he is the eldest brother of hundreds just like him. This chapter of his life begins with him almost alone on Mars. I abandoned this story when two films came out (Hancock and Moon) that were very similar in content. Enjoy.

March 10, 2022.

Happy Anniversary! The words were printed on every monitor in the house. Simona likes to do those kinds of things for me on special days. The sun was shining through my bedroom window casting the same orange-red glow over my world as it did every morning. Eight years on this rock and I still haven’t gotten sick of the contrast that red rock is to earth.

Every morning I wake to the same comfortable room, the same view from my window and the same beautiful woman’s voice bidding me a good morning. Simona’s punctuality is legendary and her consistency and lack of distasteful emotion in her daily greeting should be marked as one of the most desirable wake up calls of all time. I’m sure Delilah’s voice couldn’t have been as beautiful or as fetching in Sampson’s ear as Simona’s is in mine. Simona has been my faithful sidekick for eight years, but I don’t always treat her with the matched love and tenderness she shows me. I’m a difficult man to live with. I tend to interrupt her, walk out of the room to brush my teeth while she is talking. I’ll even make her stay in the car while I hit a bucket of balls. I’m cruel to her, but she knows I love her and she is my only companion on this desolate hunk of red wasteland. Alas, she stays by my side; true and faithful to the end.

“Good morning, Arthur. It’s 6:00 o’clock. Time to get up.” Her voice is gentle at my bedside. I smile and reach to reset my alarm.

“What’s on the agenda for today, sweetheart?” I just lay there in bed rubbing my eyes as I throw the comment out there as if expecting a surprise.

“The usual, Arthur. You can’t forget to exercise today. I’ll be watching.”

“you’re just so worried about me aren’t you. You’re afraid I’ll get fat.”

“You need to maintain top notch physical status if you don’t wish for me to report you to command.”

“Oh, Simona. Why don’t we face the inevitable and just leave this rock and go find a nice piece of oceanfront real estate on earth. We could be so happy there, swimming and living out our lives in pure bliss?”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible, Arthur. You are well aware that I cannot swim.”

“Yeah, but we could figure something out.” I enjoy our morning volley of playful banter. It sort of lightened the mood. Living in near solitude can be a real downer sometimes. As my personal assistant, Simona is with me all day and night and that can get kind of crazy when there is no one else to talk to.

“Have you seen my watch, Simmi? I could have sworn…”

“In the bathroom, Arthur. You left it there last night after logging the data for glacial anomaly Alpha 7.”

“Really? Good thing I was heading in there next.” I had forgotten that the atmospheric sensors on glacial anomaly Alpha 7 had reported some underground movement. I was hoping that it was part of an underground river I was fairly certain about but haven’t gathered enough data to prove. For the past few decades water has been the priority on Mars. It’s really the only thing keeping more people from landing here. Needless to say, I have found underground glaciers which produce an enormous amount of water. I’ve sunk a well into one of them which provides my daily needs. So far it’s just me and a science exploration on the other side of the planet. I hear from them every now and again. Mostly it’s just Elias coming to visit.

My shower was hot and refreshing. Simona was there in the bathroom waiting for me. In fact she’s always there waiting for me. You see I may not have been completely forthcoming about her. As much as I wish she were a fantastic mistress in my quarters, a woman with the physique of an ancient goddess to match her exquisite voice, she is not. She is, as I have said, my personal assistant; my electronic personal assistant. She is a computer of my creation. I developed her from a platform I used to develop personal navigation systems and artificial pilots for the military. She is my model ‘S’, hence Simona.