ILISI did it!!! I finished Book 2. I’m calling it Immortal Light: Into Shadow. I’m super excited to share it with you, but first I have to edit.

Feeling the pressure of a self-imposed deadline, I put my shoulder to the wheel, as it were, knuckled down and finished Immortal Light: Into Shadow. We came in at around 570 pages before the first edit. I imagine that number will go down, but who knows. I am so excited  about this book. In my opinion, it is leagues above Wide Awake and takes the story and characters to a whole new level of adventure and complexity. We’ve moved away from the adventure wrapped in a love story.

I want to share some of my general feelings about how this book. Mostly I want to talk about the evolution of the characters and story.

In The Beginning

When I started writing this book, I knew I had to take it up a notch in all respects. Wide Awake was a great, albeit, simple way to introduce Lucy and Benjamin and their world, but it wasn’t enough to really tell their story. I’ve added a layer to the storytelling in Into Shadow. If you’ll recall, we met a few new characters in the last few pages of Wide Awake. All of those people have a story and I’ve added some of those stories to Into Shadow in the form of chapters that take you back three-thousand years. I think this was a gamble at first. I even batted around the idea of releasing that back story as a separate book or even web-posts on this blog. In the end, I decided that they were more integral in linking all of the pieces of story together as included chapters; that is why the book is 100 pages longer than I planned.


Into Shadow reveals a lot of new layers to characters we know and love. I was afraid of failing to grow Lucy as a hero; I wanted her to become, for lack of a better term, epic. Even by the end of Wide Awake she hadn’t really evolved or changed. She was still a lost stranger in a new world . She starts out Into Shadow in the same way, but by the end, I firmly believe she is well on her way to becoming epic.

Not only have the existing characters evolved, but I’ve introduced a few new characters. I won’t go into details, but the new characters add a level of intrigue to the already existing story that I hope will be interesting and not frustrating to a reader who simply wants to get on with the story.

The Story

In my opinion, it’s important to not only evolve the characters, but to allow the story evolve and grow. As a character’s experience expands and leaves the old self behind, I feel it is important to allow the world of a story do likewise; it must expand and grow. For this reason, our characters will leave Coos Bay for good as Lucy progresses in her quest for the queen and the lost city of gold.

What’s Next?

Editing is next. Lots and LOTS of editing. I’m already well into my first edit of this book. I hope to be finished editing by the end of August. If that goes well, I’ll hand it off to my official copy editors, Sarah and Patti (my wife and my mother respectively :)) for a final dissection. If they suspend their lives to do this, they could have it done by the end of September, but since that won’t happen, maybe by Halloween. From there, I’ll place the book into the hands of my beta readers.


If I plan to have the book ready by Christmas, the beta process will be quite expedited. I’ll have to play it by ear.

Don’t forget about my re-release of Immortal Light: Wide Awake. Graphic designer Scott Raney is working to redesign the cover so that I can have three congruent designs. Visit him at his website HERE to check out his work. He’s a talented artist and I’m super excited to see his ideas.

So, that’s Immortal Light: Into Shadow. I’m so glad you’re all sticking with me. I’ve received so much support and encouragement. This has been a great experience for me and I hope the end product satisfies your anticipation.

Thanks for everything! Hang in there with me. Into Shadow is nigh at hand 🙂

2 thoughts on “Finished!!!

  1. I am so so excited for this. My friend turned me onto your books and I have been waiting to here of when you would release the book. I will be one of the first to purchase it 🙂

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