Graphic Designs on the Horizon


I have some EXCITING news! As I wind up the writing process on Book II, I’ve decided to look into re-releasing Book I (a second edition already!?) along with Book II. There are a few reasons for this, but the main reason is that I’m working on a partnership with graphic

designer Scott Raney ( He’s a talented designer and I’ve asked him to design a theme for the entire trilogy so that there can be some continuity with the look and feel of the books. I’ve left it almost entirely up to him to come up with a design. He’s going to read IL: Wide Awake and then, if he’s up for it, we should have some pretty awesome design work for the trilogy. Please, go check out his work and if you have an interesting project you need designed, shoot him an email.

Again, I’m SUPER EXCITED for this development in the book creation process. Stay up to date by subscribing to the blog or you can always follow me on Facebook by clicking over there to the right.

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