Put Your Writing Skills to Work… Write Me a Review


Hello to all of my wonderful friends, fans, viewers, etc…

In the life of a newly inked book, I feel that, together, we’ve reached a mile marker: people are starting to finish reading Immortal Light: Wide Awake. Now that we’ve entered this new realm, I need your input in the public forum of your choice; I want your reviews.I can’t express to you all just how grateful and overjoyed I am that you are reading and that many of you have enjoyed the book. As I’ve said before, i hope that we are in this together. I always feel better on a trip when I have companions and this grand ride is no different. I need you all once again.

Please visit one (or all) of the links below and let the world know what you thought of the book. Feel free to copy and paste the same review in every place you can. These reviews are the catalyst for many people that will get them to actually take a chance on me.

So, without any ado, here are the links:


Amazon (paperback)

Barnes and Noble/Nook


Tell Me What You Think

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